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Choose Native Plants -PA

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“Choose Native Plants” is a lookup tool for helping you select the right native plant for your home.  Submit your email to be notified when website is ready.

Confidentally Plant Local Varieties

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We're part of a national alliance of community organizers, developers, and designers that are putting technology to work in service of our local communities.

Extensive Pollinator Data

Based on Mark Skinner's USDA database.

Find Local Nurseries

Not all Nurseries carry native plants. Find out which ones do.

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Easy 5 question survey to get started.

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Know exactly what you want? Search for it by name.

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Works on mobile, desktop or tablets. No apps to install.

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The database for this lookup tool is based upon Mark Skinner’s USDA database:

United States Department of Agriculture and US Federal Highway Administration. 2017. National database for pollinator-friendly revegetation and restoration. Compiled by Mark W. Skinner, Gretchen LeBuhn, David Inouye, Terry Griswold, and Jennifer Hopwood. Online at http://www.nativerevegetation.org/era/. Contact Mark W. Skinner (mskinner02@fs.fed.us or mwskinner55@gmail.com) for updates or more information.

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